Oh Happy Day !

So I guess I should start from the beginning. I entered a contest on Mumble Bee Inc. Deals and Steals blog.

It was called the Ultimate 4th Grilling Party Giveaway! Well to make a long story short, I never thought I could win . Hell I never win anything but load an behold I did! I won their giveaway.

Here is a picture from their website of what I won. Amazing right? Right.

My grill was delivered on Thursday July 5 . They were trying for July 3 but it didn’t work out that way. Are you wondering if I’m  mad or not because it wasn’t delivered on, the answer is NO WAY! This grill is absolutely Amazing!, and Heavy.It is so big!  65,000 BTU 6 burners, with a side burner too And besides all of that I received a gift card to Omaha Steaks, ( which reminds me I need to order some steaks so I can start grilling). This came at such a perfect time because of everything going on here. Michael;s Triple By Pass the first part of May and his BBQ grill is slowly not working very well. So it was a very welcoming surprise and a very Happy Day!


Sad Day

It’s a very sad here in the backyard. Everything seemed as it usually did. I checked the hatcher and to my pleasant surprise I found that 3 baby chicks had hatched. Then I went to the nursery pens to feed to newer chicks and found that 2 had died during the night. Then I went out to our bigger pens to feed our older baby chicks, Chickens and adult pheasants. Everything seemed okay until I got to the second baby chicks pen. Some where missing, okay  about 6 where gone. I called out to my husband (MIke) and we started looking for them. well we could only find 2 of them. Some how they had gotten into the adult  Reeves pheasant pen two doors down.I go into their pen and start looking around to see how in the world they could have gotten out, and I found it small holes dug from their pen to the pen next door and so forth and out to the backside of the pen to the backyard.( now mind you we have 2 dogs. of course Cody is going blind and can’t barely hear any more and well Sadie never really did care for birds) But the holes were big enough for a small rodent of some kind. Then the pen were we found the 2 baby chicks at we found our adult pheasant rooster had also died during the night. I am so upset I picked him out. He was my baby ( yeah he was temper mental at times but if you through if a couple of wild raspberries he was happy).

I’m just grateful that we didn’t lose all of them. Now we are going to have to be on the look out for another adult Reeves Rooster. Well I need to rest now after all that at maybe even take an aspirin.

Hatching Day !

I am so excited! this morning when I went out to check the hatcher we had not only 1 but 3 Lady Amherst chicks. That is such great news because we haven’t been having good luck with them this season. If the eggs aren’t fertile, then  there is one hen in particular that is eating the yolk out of the eggs if I don’t get to them in time. arrrrrrrgh!!!

My husband started raising ornamental pheasants a couple of years ago as a hobby and now it has developed into a small time business.The birds are beautiful, (but it can get a little noisy during matting season.) Anyways getting back to this morning for the reason why I was checking on the birds. My husband had to have a Triple By-Pass  in the beginning of May of this year, so everything has been handed down to me. Don’t get me wrong I really don’t mind doing all the jobs and tasks at hand It just sometimes really wears me down.

So this is how my day begins….. When I get up in the morning I check my e-mails, then I get dressed, go outside to the freezer and take out an ice pack, go out to the shop,change out the ice pack from the cooler, ( eggs are in the cooler waiting to be put into the incubator) feed the dogs their names are Cody and Sadie. Then I check on the pheasant chicks and change and clean out their water containers and feed them, then I check the incubator and make sure it has enough water. Then I go out to the Aviaries ( which we have 9 of) and feed and clean the water containers of the Pheasants and chickens and pigeons. Yes I said Pigeons and Chickens.but that is for another day.

O k so that is my daily routine. Except for Thursday thru Saturday.  On Thursday  I candle the Red Golden Pheasants and the Lady Amherst Pheasant eggs to see if they are fertile or not ( you take a tin can pole a hole in the bottom and put a light in up through it.Then you take the egg point side down and to the side to see if there is anything inside) If they are fertile then I put them in the Hatcher. On Friday I set eggs Which means I take the eggs from the cooler which has been there since the previous Saturday and put them in the Incubator. On Saturday I candle the Reeves Pheasants eggs and the Silver Pheasants eggs to see if they are fertile or not and which ever ones are fertile goes into the Hatcher.

Well that’s all the time I have for today I’m getting tired. I hope you all have a nice and quiet day.