Sad Day

It’s a very sad here in the backyard. Everything seemed as it usually did. I checked the hatcher and to my pleasant surprise I found that 3 baby chicks had hatched. Then I went to the nursery pens to feed to newer chicks and found that 2 had died during the night. Then I went out to our bigger pens to feed our older baby chicks, Chickens and adult pheasants. Everything seemed okay until I got to the second baby chicks pen. Some where missing, okay  about 6 where gone. I called out to my husband (MIke) and we started looking for them. well we could only find 2 of them. Some how they had gotten into the adult  Reeves pheasant pen two doors down.I go into their pen and start looking around to see how in the world they could have gotten out, and I found it small holes dug from their pen to the pen next door and so forth and out to the backside of the pen to the backyard.( now mind you we have 2 dogs. of course Cody is going blind and can’t barely hear any more and well Sadie never really did care for birds) But the holes were big enough for a small rodent of some kind. Then the pen were we found the 2 baby chicks at we found our adult pheasant rooster had also died during the night. I am so upset I picked him out. He was my baby ( yeah he was temper mental at times but if you through if a couple of wild raspberries he was happy).

I’m just grateful that we didn’t lose all of them. Now we are going to have to be on the look out for another adult Reeves Rooster. Well I need to rest now after all that at maybe even take an aspirin.


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